Cyber Security Outsourcing

securITism offers outsourcing of IT Security for medium and large corporations. The business benefits of outsourcing are those of reducing cost improved service and accountability, return on security expenditure and increased focus of the core businesses are well known, and coupled with the Strengths in AutismĀ® offer an unique proposition beyond those offered by any other outsource company.

The benefits of outsourcing to securITism

securITism offers a service that free the existing IT security team from the day to day activities that have to be carried out to ensure compliance to standards to improve/hone the security posture of their company, rather than the typical firefighting activity.

securITism offers an outsourcing of IT Security as a truly unique service as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and utilises the inherent strengths that the continuously job coached workforce offers. This offers a great technical service and operational advantage and shows that the company and its clients operate a very ethical and social policy and take Corporate Social Responsibility more seriously than its competitors.

securITism works closely with the Autistic societies at National level in their respective countries to bring a truly business benefit to businesses and organisations in their locality. This can be used to keep the data within the respective political area or country borders or as needs dictate. The threat database is an independent freely available service to co-operate between securITism organisations and it’s customers around the globe.