securITism and its partner companies can offer rollout of a new Security service or training for all of the products from its partners to ensure in-depth knowledge transfer. We can offer independent consultancy based on the selection of an appropriate log management system and Network Behaviour Analysis suites plus hardware.

Using a worldwide threat database, securITism is able to offer remediation, patching, bespoke algorithms, honeypots and general consultancy.

Product Selection

securITism offers a wide range of bespoke services, is vendor-neutral, although most of the vendors are the best in-breed and occupy the Gartner quadrant. Typically most large enterprises will have these products that may not be optimally monitored and can help in the rollout of new Security infrastructures and the management of these systems by leveraging help from security solution vendors and take over the day to day operational services.

Ideal candidates are selected to work either by themselves feeding into larger wider skills neurodiverse team, with full support throughout the process for the whole team to benefit technically and socially