Current tools and techniques continue to lag behind cyber-attacks. The best in breed deep learning AI and ML tools are routinely circumvented by adversaries using a variety of mechanisms and we tend to get less and less secure. Here’s a different solution that proves that neurodiversity works, much like the scientists that shaped the modern world like Newton Einsten, Turing, Tesla in dire times of Pandemics, wars and technical challenges.

The problem is that security tasks are complex, difficult and few current teams can do this manual work, as we see in investigations that the signatures of the attack are usually evident but occasionally buried deep

securITism disrupts the traditional standard Managed Security Services landscape by deploying an onsite human solution to augment the existing cyber security setup for large enterprises as a “Heads Up” managed team of people with Asperger’s, selected for their innate cognitive skills in 3D visualization; pattern/anomaly recognition; long-term memory; ability to think outside the box and sense of logic that are much better suited for these tasks to minimize the egress of personal and financial data in attacks. The deployment model is completely derisked and allows the two different ways of thinking to co-exist. They identify the patterns outliers and exceptional deep memories and existing teams wrap context around these findings to see how they impact the business.

Win-wins:  Better insights, real CSR, enhanced reputations, increased revenue and profits increased public CSR, fewer insider threats, ROI and proof that the people profit and society improves

Studies and investigations have shown that most of the attackers themselves have many traits of Autism so we are fighting like with like, rather than the “normal” mind-set that naturally developed to gloss over the details which are the tell-tale signs of a cyber attack, generally apparent after a major breach investigation. The solution has been documented by the IEEE standards body with the kind help of Dr Greg Shannon who under President Obama held the highest office in Cybersecurity at the White House as the Assistant Director for Cyber Security Strategy.

Some studies and investigations have shown that most of the attackers themselves have some traits of Autism so this is a unique solution of fighting like with like.

Lastly, the founder has designed, developed the fastest bleeding-edge resilient networks in the world for media companies, global banks and secure government communications since the 1980s with technical skills honed from a childhood hobby of Electronics. His 2012 IEEE paper pioneered the need for neurodiversity to deliver business value in a socio- ethical way.